Buttermilk’s Fried Green Tomatoes Featured in “Cooking With Paula Deen”

Buttermilk’s Fried Green Tomatoes Featured in “Cooking With Paula Deen”

Best Fried Green Tomatoes in Texas

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We have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We were contacted by the staff of Cooking With Paula Deen and asked if we would mind being featured in her July/August magazine spotlighting our Fried Green Tomatoes.

It was such an honor being one of the 10 restaurants in the nation and the only one in Texas to be featured.

Magazines are available now. Pick up a copy and read our story. Better yet come by and try them for yourselves!

Here’s an excerpt of KLTV’s report:

CANTON, TX (KLTV) – A Van Zandt County restaurant that focuses on Southern cooking is being featured in a magazine that does the same.

Ben Carter, owner of Buttermilk’s in Canton, says that the recipe he submitted was selected to be featured in the July edition of Cooking With Paula Deen. The issue features Buttermilk’s crisp, Southern-style fried green tomatoes in a feature about the tasty treats. Other features in the issue are creamed corn, fresh summer salads, and icebox pies.

Carter opened his restaurant on the square in downtown Canton in 2013. It offers “scratch cooking and southern hospitality,” which is evident by the Southern-style favorites on the menu, such as country fried steak and chicken, BLTs with fried green tomatoes, peach cobbler, and even a Southern-fried bologna sandwich.

“We’re all about Southern food,” said Kristie Risner during a 2016 interview. “We will make 180 pies on Thursday, and by Saturday, they’re all gone,” she said, while showing off the buttermilk pie under glass domes on stands on the counter.

Read the rest of KLTV’s report, along with their links to some of Chef Ben Carter’s recipes HERE.

KLTV Visits Buttermilks

Recent Visit from KLTV Channel 7

Buttermilks restaurant in Canton featured on KLTV

Click for the whole story

KLTV 7 paid us a visit this week! Check out the full article and some great pictures here: http://bit.ly/1PUS6iU

Here’s a snippet from their great report:

If you are a Southern food connoisseur, the large slab of country fried steak with pepper gravy, fried green tomatoes, and pecan cobbler will likely appeal to you. The bacon burgers are tall and loaded with crisp, thickly-cut bacon. If you’re on a diet, don’t worry, they’ve got you covered with their large salad overflowing with fresh vegetables and topped with chicken, either grilled or fried (if you’re not too serious about that diet).

They added:

The food at Buttermilk’s will likely be appreciated by those looking for traditional Southern-style cooking, with a twist or two, of course. The old-fashioned, small town charm is a winner for those who love to feel like they’ve stepped back in time, or who aren’t into the fair-style food available at Trade Days in Canton each month. Just be prepared to wait during that time each month, as out-of-towners who have discovered the restaurant will be there with you.

$1 donated for each slice of pie!

$1 Donated for Each Slice of Pie!

TexasBaptistHomeForChildrenButtermilk’s is happy to partner with the Texas Baptist Home for Children!
You can help by eating pie! From December 1 through December 25, we will give the Texas Baptist Home $1 for each slice of pie you buy.
Help support the TBHC in their mission to Texas families through foster care, adoption, and pregnancy services.

Learn more here: www.tbhc.org

Buttermilk’s State Fair Menu

Buttermilk’s State Fair Menu

Texas State Fair got your mouth watering for deep fried comfort? No need to fight the crowds. We’ve got it right here at Buttermilk’s!
State Fair Menu at Buttermilk's Canton

Buttermilk’s Is Going Hog Wild April 11-18, 2015

Buttermilk’s Is Going Hog Wild April 11-18, 2015

Tell us (leave a comment on our Facebook entry) about your relationship with bacon by the end of Saturday to get a chance to win two of any items on our Hog Wild menu below!

Bacon Cheddar Fries

Bacon Cheddar Fries

BACON Cheddar Fries – $6.95


Southern Fried Bacon Bologna Sandwich

Southern Fried BACON Bologna Sandwich – $5.95

Texas toast, 2 slices of thick cut bologna, BACON, American cheese, mayo


Pork Belly Bacon Burger

Pork Belly Bacon Burger – $7.95

Blend of pork belly and black Angus with smoked BACON and cheddar cheese

Turkey Bacon Melt

Turkey Bacon Melt

Turkey BACON Melt – $7.95

Turkey, smoked BACON, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, blackened mayo, on jalapeño corn bread

Sweet Bacon Baby Burger

Sweet Bacon Baby Burger

Sweet BACON Baby Burger – $6.95

Grilled onions, American cheese, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Smoked BACON

Bacon Crumbled Chicken Fried Steak

Bacon Crumbled Chicken Fried Steak

BACON Crumbled Chicken Fried Steak – $8.95 – $10.95

Fork tender steak with cream gravy topped with crumbled BACON

Ben's Chicken Salad

Ben’s Chicken Salad

Ben’s Chicken Salad – $7.95

Topped with BACON crumbles

Ben's Chicken Salad Sandwich

Ben’s Chicken Salad Sandwich

Ben’s Chicken Salad Sandwich – $7.95

Topped with BACON crumbles

Bacon Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

Bacon Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

BACON Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae – $4.95

Do not be afraid to try it, it is awesome!

Voted “Best Sandwich” by County Line Magazine

Voted “Best Sandwich” by County Line Magazine

Hey y’all, thanks for the award from County Line Magazine.

Click to read this and other "Best ofs" at County Line Magazine

Click to read this and other “Best of” awards at County Line Magazine

Best of the Upper East Side of Texas: Best Sandwich

Buttermilk’s Café in Canton. Those who say a sandwich is just a sandwich hasn’t been to Buttermilk’s. Down-home cookin’ with a side of southern hospitality is what’s on the menu at this Canton café, even their classic sandwiches have a little extra somethin’ added to the mix. The BLT rests between two slices of buttered Texas toast and topped off with creamy chipotle ranch sauce. The turkey melt is served on jalapeno cornbread toast and topped with blackened mayo. Buttermilk’s even makes bologna better, with their southern fried bologna sandwich. Close your Buttlermilk’s Café experience with one of their signature desserts like the pecan cobbler or buttermilk chess pie.

Order Your Pies and Cobblers for Thanksgiving!

Pie contest at restaurant in Canton, Texas

Find this November 8 Post on our Facebook page and SHARE it for a chance to win a Pecan Cobbler that serves 16!

Order your pies and cobblers for Thanksgiving!

See our Facebook pie contest (click on image to the right or below).

Buttermilk Chess Pie – $15
Buttermilk Pecan Chess Pie – $15
Pumpkin Pie $15
Peach Cobbler – $24
Blackberry Cobbler – $24
Pecan Cobbler – $28

Call 903-567-3287 or email [email protected]

Order by Monday 11/24/14

Gift cards in any amount now available.

Have your holiday party at Buttermilk’s.
[email protected]

Results of our Photo Contest

Results of Buttermilk’s Photo Contest

Thanks to all the great photographers who submitted entries to our first photo contest. First place (a $100 Buttermilk’s gift certificate) goes to Ricky Niell:

First Place in Photo Contest - Ricky Niell

First Place in Photo Contest – Ricky Niell

Second place (a $75 Buttermilk’s gift certificate) goes to David Gleason:

Second Place in Photo Contest - David Gleason

Second Place in Photo Contest – David Gleason

Third place (a $50 Buttermilk’s gift certificate) goes to Angie Thompson:

Third Place in Photo Contest - Angie Thompson

Third Place in Photo Contest – Angie Thompson

Honorable mention (a buttermilk chess pie) goes to Kristi Gosnell:


Honorable Mention in Photo Contest – Kristi Gosnell

Here are some other photos which didn’t “make the cut” either because the photographer had already won (Ricky Niell!), they did not get enough LIKES on our Facebook page, or they were late submissions. Thanks to all of our entrants!

Photo by Courtney Mangrum

Photo by Courtney Mangrum

Photo by Sheila Cecil

Photo by Sheila Cecil

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Photo by Ricky Niell

Buttermilk’s Facebook Photo Contest

Buttermilk’s is having a photo contest!

Between now and October 5, 2014, take your best shots and post them to our Facebook page!


  • First prize – $100 Buttermilk’s gift certificate
  • Second prize – $75 Buttermilk’s gift certificate
  • Third prize – $50 Buttermilk’s gift certificate
  • Honorable mention – A buttermilk chess pie

ButtermilksPhotoContestTHE DETAILS

  • To be eligible to win, photos with at least 5 likes may be selected by Buttermilk’s.
  • In order to enter contest, photos must be taken by contest entrant.
  • Photos should be taken at Buttermilk’s, inside or near the restaurant.
  • Subject matter is flexible; food, people, building, etc., be creative!
  • A maximum of 6 photos per contest entrant will be accepted.
  • Photos must be posted on Buttermilk’s Facebook page.
  • Buttermilk’s retains the right to use submitted photos for promotional purposes.
  • Photos must be taken between September 5 and October 5, 2014.
  • Deadline for photo submission is October 5, 2014.
  • Photos judged by Buttermilk’s to be inappropriate (offensive, etc.) will be disqualified.
  • Only one prize per person.
  • Employees of Buttermilk’s are not eligible to win prizes.

In the News

In the News

Chef Ben and Sous Chef Aaron send out their best wishes to fellow restaurateurs Lindsey Williams & Kitty Williams at The Generator Coffee House & Bakery in Garland, Texas. WFAA’s Mike Castellucci caught our chefs getting their caffeine fix at The Generator before heading out to Canton this morning. Here is the video that appeared on NEWS 8 DAYBREAK: